Tihar Festival – Deusi / Bhailo

DEUSI / BHAILO in Amsterdam!

We are happy and grateful to announce that the combined organisations NSN – INAS – NRN – WNO-NL (with the support of all other Nepali Organisations) have collected €446,25 at DEUSI / BHAILO! With your help we are able to build one house/hut in Terai after the devastationg recent floods.

These donations were generously offered by the following Nepali restaurants and shops, and their kind hearted guests:

* Kathmandu Kitchen, Elandsgracht 36HS
* Gurkhas Kitchen, Kinkerstraat 7
* Kinker Supermarkt, Kinkerstraat 344H
* Himalayan Kitchen, Ten Katestraat 45H
* Ashoka Restaurant, Spuistraat 54D
* MaHa Pooja by WNO-NL

With a fine group of Nepali musicians and dancers we did a tour along these restaurants and shops where we were welcomed with warm smiles. We finished at the Mah Pooja by WNO-NL. We would like to thank all of these restaurants and shops for receiving us and offering donations and food.

Donations for our DEUSI / BHAILO performances will be used to support the construction of new houses in Terai area. In Terai many people are effected by the recent devastating floods. A new house costs around €500. Roughly split up in the following costs:
-toilet: €100
-kitchen: €70
-door: €30
-window: €20
-1,5 small room: €200
-roof: €100

Your donations and support to DEUSI / BHAILO are highly appreciated. With your help we are able to build one house/hut in Terai. Thank you! Next year we will organise a DEUSI / BHAILO program again.. .

Bhailo and Deusi Re are traditional songs that are sung during the festival of light “Tihar” in Nepal. Children and teenagers sing the songs and dance as they go to various homes in their community, collecting money, sweets, food and giving blessings for prosperity. Bhailo is generally sung by girls, while Deusi is sung by boys. At the end of these songs, the woman of the house serves food and gives money to these deusi/bhailo singers and dancers. In return, the Deusi/Bhailo team gives blessings for high income and prosperity.

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