Donation Received


The donations to NSN come in two different ways:

1. Donations intended for a particular village/place: NSN board has decided to facilitate her members to use the NSN account to collect the donation for their particular village/place. The name of the village should be mentioned with the donation. NSN send the donation to its contact person as soon as possible to help the effected area. Many thanks to Pure Clothing company of Shree Pandey. It is helping with transferring the money without any commission. For the transparency and to prevent abuse, people have to show how, where and with whom they are working together. Afterwards they are obligated to handle the bill and photos to NSN.

The reason for this facility is that many of our members have still family and friends living in Nepal and they are the victims of the earthquake. Whole villages were destroyed and there was no official help. Their family and friends had nothing to eat, drink and no roof above their head. Fortunately, many people in The Netherlands wanted to give donations and when they know a Nepali personally, they like to contribute directly to his or her village in Nepal. The board of NSN has decided that the NSN bank account could be used for this purpose.

If you are a member of NSN and want to make use of this service, or if you have any question, please mail us:

2. General donations for earthquake victims: NSN has also received, and is still receiving, donations for the earthquake victims. The board of NSN has decided to give a part of these donations to villages that were not reached by official help while people had nothing to eat and drink. During the general meeting this month, the board will explain more in detail and will also discuss  with the members about the destination for the rest of the amount/donations.