Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Are you interested to work as a volunteer in Nepal?

Anyone interested in working as volunteers in Nepal are invited to contact NSN. We facilitate interested people in going to Nepal for volunteer work. Depending upon expertise and educational backgrounds, volunteers will work in different fields, such as education, health, sanitation, environment, agriculture, forestry, water management etc.

Capture1Language Requirement: English and Basic Nepali (Optional)
Generally one will be able to communicate in English but to know Nepali will be in your advantage because the latter is spoken widely in Nepal. For interested people NSN arranges various Nepali courses taught by native speakers.

Volunteers will work with one of the NSN partners (NGOs or Schools) in Nepal. The hosts in Nepal will arrange modest accommodation and food for volunteers against payment. The volunteers leaving for Nepal will arrange necessary financial means themselves.

Those interested may apply to NSN in writing showing their interest and motivation with a CV.

For any question you may have please contact:

Ram Budhathoki, President NSN
Email: nepalsamajnl@gmail.com or  ram009771@hotmail.com