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Traditional dance show at a Nepalese party

Nepalese dance and music
Anyone who has been in Nepal can agree: the country has a rich culture. Pull you from the lowlands in the south to the highlands in the north, you will come to many different peoples, each with their own clothing, dance and music. At many festivals throughout the year to the sound of drums and horns in the streets, sounds and squares and courtyards dances performed. They are refined, sophisticated and graceful and powerful, even aggressive, like the one the wrathful manifestation of the gods portray. Not only the parties are the scene of music and dance, including the daily activities are accompanied by sound, color and movement.Such as during planting rice in the fields and during harvest festivals. They sing to make the work easier but also to appease the gods and to be with a long life, well-being or a good husband blessed. Each nation has its own instruments, melodies, rhythms and sizes and has thus created their own songs and dances that reflect their daily lives.

Dashain 2014

Himchuli group with Nepalese Pop Star Om Bikram Bista at Dashain Party

The Himchuli Cultural Group
Others would like to get acquainted with their rich music tradition. Nepalese in NetherlandsConsequently, in 2000 in the Netherlands Nepal Samaj Himchuli Cultural Group was founded.Together they bring a lot of enthusiasm Nepalese traditional music, dance and clothing styles of different peoples in Nepal. The Himchuli Cultural Group consists of Nepalese artists rehearsing in their spare time and perform. The group occurs mainly at weekends and on Friday night. They are asked regularly to care for schools, multicultural groups, associations, foundations and community centers. Program For her performance, the Himchuli Cultural Group asks for expenses and a contribution to its fund for projects in Nepal working to preserve the Nepalese dance and muzik.


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