Published three times a year NSN magazine Chautari. It contains articles on, for example, Nepalese culture, Nepalese experiences in the Netherlands and Dutch in Nepal. Chautari appears in two languages: Dutch and Nepali. Articles from Chautari also be posted on this website. Articles in Chautari may be used only with prior permission from the editor and then by source (Chautari, membership magazine of the Association of Nepal Samaj Netherlands) and the sending of a voucher copy to the editor. Chautari no. 19 (6 items) Chautari magazine No. 19 -. Summer 2005 Chautari No. 20 (9 items). Chautari magazine No. 20 -. Autumn 2005 Chautari No 21 (6 items). Chautari magazine No. 21 – Spring 2006..



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