About us

The association of Nepal Samaj Nederland (NSN) was established on 14 August 1999. The
NSN is the first Nepalese association which aims to promote Nepalese culture, language and tradition among the Nepalese and others in the Dutch society. NSN also works to support the integration and strengthen the bonds between Dutch and Nepalese.
The association is actively run by the NSN board.


  • To help Nepalese people living in the Netherlands to integrate into Dutch society
  • To strengthen social contact among Nepalese living in the Netherlands
  • To promote and preserve Nepalese tradition/culture in the Netherlands
  • To enhance the interests of Nepalese people living in the Netherlands
  • To promote and strengthen corporation interests in cooperation with Nepal


  • Organizes programs and events to celebrate important Nepalese festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Samvat New Year, Vikram Samvat New Year  and Annual Summer picnic (banbhoj).
  • Organizes activities to inform about Nepalese cultures, literature and political situation of Nepal by inviting Nepalese artists, scholars or politicians.
  • Organizes cultural performances to promote Nepalese culture, costume, dance and music in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Himchuli Cultural Group.
  • Mediates between Dutch organizations for developing cooperation and NGO’s in Nepal.


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