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donderdag, 21 augustus 2014
Welcome to The Vereniging Nepal Samaj Nederland

The Nepal Samaj Nederland (NSN) is an association established on 14 August 1999 by some enthusiastic Nepalese living in the Netherlands, such as the ex-president Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha, Durlav Basnet, Shashi Paudyal, Rinchen Sherpa, Ramesh Shrestha and Rabin Shrestha. The NSN aims to bring together all Nepalese and Dutch people interested on Nepal. It also focuses on development project of Nepalese people, cultures and languages.

Nepal Samaj Nederland (NSN) is the oldest Nepali cultural association, founded by Nepali people living in the Netherlands. Since its establishment in 1999, the population of Nepali-origin people has grown from a few hundreds to perhaps several thousands, which has subsequently given rise to various associations being formed, seemingly aimed at promoting and celebrating diverse Nepali sociocultures throughout the year.


Unfortunately, just like the ongoing fractious politics in their motherland, the majority of these organizations tend to take certain political or ethnolinguistic stance, which may well satisfy some individuals while disappointing others. As we all know, just like having too many political parties in Nepal has created so many rifts within and between communities, and hence even well intended ideas seem to be working against the wishes of the people concerned, starting group specific associations in foreign countries has made it very hard for a small Nepali population (as well as for other friends of Nepal) to enjoy the immensely rich history and cultures of our motherland.

Amidst all kinds of, often unfounded, negative stereotypes about the Nepali socio-political situation in Nepal as well as among the Nepali communities across the globe, Nepal Samaj Nederland (NSN), on the other hand, has remained apolitical, and always strives to be inclusive of all Nepalese as well as Dutch people who are fond of Nepal, which has allowed us to continuously build a harmonious network for mutual cooperation with each other to promote diverse aspects of Nepali social and cultural worlds. Eventually, our continuous impartial work to promote Nepal has played a supportive role to unify the similar purpose carrying social organization National Unity Nepal (NUNN) with an aim of  "United for cultural exchange and social development" in 14 July 2012.

We always encourage everyone for working towards unity in diversity and invite all Nepalese to make a sincere contribution for the creation and maintenance of an affirmative image of their fellow country-people. We believe that if all associations would work in this way, it would become much easier to build a positive image of Nepali community in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Among its main objective, the association focuses on to bring Nepalese people living in the Netherlands together, organizes major Nepalese festivals in the Netherlands to maintain the continuity of Nepalese culture and tradition far away from its homeland Nepal, and also works to support the integration of Nepalese living in the Netherlands. The association also aims to strengthen the bonds between various Dutch and Nepalese organizations, which hold a similar interest, coincide with the objectives of the NSN and that is the development of Nepal.

The association organizes regular events like Dasai-Tihar celebration, Nepal Samvat New Year (October/November), Vikram Samvat New Year (April) and NSN Picnic (June/July). The NSN also organizes other activities to publicize Nepalese culture, literature and the situation of Nepal.

The NSN also founded Himchuli Cultural Group (HCG) to promote cultural dance and music of Nepal in the Netherlands. HCG performs Nepali cultural dance and music during all events organized by the Nepal Samaj Nederland. The group also performs the Nepali cultural activities for other organizations both in and out side the Netherlands. Many professional Nepali artists such as Bimala Shrestha, Binod Shrestha, Ganesh Simkhada, Renu Thapa , Jyoti Pandey, Rita Thapa,Rana Lama and Ram Budhathoki (co-ordinator) are actively working for the Himchuli Cultural Group.

The association also publishes Chautari, a bi-lingual bulletin in Nepali and Dutch language.

Dear all,
We would like to request you all to mark your calendar on Friday 20 to Sunday 22 June 2014 for the NSN aunnual Picnic/Banbhoj program which has been venued in the following address.
Herenweg 37
1935 AB Egmond-Binnen.
Program schedules and further details will be published very soon.